Endovenous Radiofrequency
Ablation System
Suitable for the treatment of chronic venous diseases,
with reliable curative effect, less trauma, less pain, and quick recovery.
Endovenous radiofrequency generator
Bipolar technology, current does not pass through the body
Real-time feedback, prompting ablation situation
Segmental ablation to ensure the best closing effect
480KHZ working frequency, high ablation efficiency
Endovenous radiofrequency catheter

The catheter is highly flexible and passes more smoothly
Complete specifications for different degrees of varicose veins

A CFA 2.3-7-60 CFA 2.3-7-100 CFA 2.3-5-60 CFA 2.3-5-100 CFA 2.3-3-60
B CFB 2.3-7-60 CFB 2.3-7-100 CFA 2.3-5-60 CFA 2.3-5-100 CFB 2.3-3-60
C CFC 2.0-7-60 CFC 2.0-7-100 CFC 2.0-5-60 CFC 2.0-5-100 CFC 2.0-3-60
D CFD 1.6-7-60 CFD 1.6-7-100 CFD 1.6-5-60 CFD 1.6-5-100 CFD 1.6-3-60