Disposable biopsy needles
& localization products
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  • Disposable biopsy needles

    Percutaneous biopsy technique is widely used in the diagnosis of thyroid, lung, liver, kidney, breast, prostate, bone marrow and other tissue lesions, which is currently one of the most commonly used methods for clinical histopathological diagnosis of tumors.
    Automatic biopsy needle with multi-mode adjustment function
    Complete biopsy needle product line, providing a total solution

    Automatic core biopsy instrument with coaxial
    Semi-automatic core biopsy instrument with coaxial
    Disposable biopsy needle
    Disposable bone marrow biopsy/aspiration needle
    Disposable bone marrow biopsy/aspiration needle
    Disposable special biopsy needle
    Programmable Automatic Biopsy needle
    The new experience of biopsy needle with multi-mode adjustable function
    10-20mm adjustable throw, suitable for lesions of different sizes
    The safety lock design brings higher security
    Safer independently fired buttons
    Multi-mode to meet different clinical needs
    Breast lesion localization wires

    Assisting in the localization of hidden breast lesions and precise preoperative positioning, which can reduce surgical incisions and trauma

    · An unique product: One-handed operation design, convenient and efficient; Q-shaped nickel-titanium wire, not easy to be deformed, and fixed more firmly;
    · Various models and specifications provide more choices for clinical.

    One-hand Breast lesion localization wires
    Breast lesion localization wires (Q shaped & nitinol wire)
    Breast lesion localization wires (Y/J/DJ shaped)
    Breast lesion
    localization wires
    A new method for localization that can be operated with one hand
    ·Q-shaped tip design, less trauma and fewer complications
    ·Nitinol material, not easy to be deformed, and fixed more firmly
    ·One-handed operation, repeatable localization, easier to use
    Disposable needle guider

    Easily calibrate the bullseye under CT, reduce the number of adjustments and punctures, also reduce the recurrence rate and complications

    >> It is suitable for clinically guided target puncture under medical imaging such as CT
    · 360° flexible adjustment, marking the angle and scale, easy to locate;
    · Accurate and fast positioning, improve the success rate of puncture, and shorten the diagnosis and treatment time;

    Disposable needle guider
    Disposable needle guider(DWQ)
    Puncture needle guide kits for ultrasound probe

    >> Assisted ultrasound-guided puncture
    · It is used in conjunction with an ultrasound probe to fix the puncture needle and assist with ultrasound guidance for various organs of the human body
    · Improve puncture accuracy and reduce the incidence of puncture-related complications