Vacuum assisted breast biopsy system
Breast tissue biopsy or resection of benign breast tumors under ultrasound guidance.
Vacuum assisted breast biopsy needle
1. The sampling window of 5mm-30mm throw is continuously adjustable to meet the needs of precise rotary cutting of lesions of different sizes.
2. "Triangular tip + single tube + one-way rotary cutting" design scheme, the puncture is sharper and more stable, the rotary cutting is smoother, and the specimen is fuller.
3. The single motor drives the operating handle, making the operation easier.
Vacuum assisted breast biopsy device
1. Continuous automatic transmission of samples, improves the fluency of surgery and saves surgery time.
2. Intelligently identify the specification of vacuum assisted breast biopsy needle, automatically match parameters, improve operation efficiency and avoid setting errors.
3. Intelligent monitoring of the liquid level of the vacuum tank and overflow warning, automatic warning when the waste liquid volume exceeds 80%, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
4. The super-large LCD touch screen can demonstrate the running state of the vacuum assisted breast biopsy needle and the closed state of the window in real time, which is convenient for observation and operation.